Destiny Solutions

Corporate logo
The corporate logo is a starting point of Destiny Solutions new brand image and is therefore the centerpiece of its visual identity program.
The distinctive iconography of the bird and the colours of the logo are used throughout all marketing materials as a main graphic element and serve as a visual metaphor for Destiny Solutions corporate message. In order to establish an effective visual identity, certain rules that govern colour, typeface, graphic design and layout are applied in this manual. By adhering to those rules, we will create the consistency across the organization which is vital to leveraging its corporate visibility.

Tag line
The idea behind the tag line is to create a memorable phrase that sums up the premise of Destiny Solutions brand. The tag line is consistently used in all marketing materials and advertising.

The graphic treatment is build around a simplified icon of a flying bird, which is also the central part of Destiny Solutions corporate logo. This simplified silhouette of a flying bird symbolizes the Lifelong Learning Platform. Further, the symbolism behind migrating birds who use natural instincts to navigate their flights, suggests that getting on board with Destiny Solutions is the natural choice for starting this lifelong journey.

Colour palette with primary Red
Three colours were chosen for Destiny Solutions new identity. The primary colour is Deep Red, The secondary colour is Cool Grey and the colour for text is Black.

Red is a color associated with leadership, energy, strength, determination and passion. It is the best colour to grab attention and to get people to take action. It suggests decisiveness and confidence. A little bit of red goes a long way. Small doses are more effective than large amounts of this strong color.

The Cool Grey is an excellent addition to the Red helping it appear richer and brighter. In contrast to the powerful Red it conveys a feeling of calmness and wholesomeness.

Black is associated with security, maturity and elegance and is perfectly suited for typography. It is a neutral colour that works well with any other colour.

The typeface used in all printed materials is the Gotham family of fonts. It is easy to read and it comes in eight weights ranging from extra-light to ultra-bold, which gives a lot of versatility. It is a classic yet modern looking Sans Serif face with crisp, clean and evenly thick lines that are softened by its slightly round edges and perfectly round lower case ‘o’, ‘c’ and ‘e’. It reads clearly at a distance and from a short range.

Photographs are centered around close-ups of peoples faces. Each photograph features faces of three different generations, a grandchild, a parent and a grandparent . People represented in these photos are of various ethnic backgrounds.