In The Grain Wood Workshop Custom Logo Design

In The Grain Wood Workshop Custom Logo Design Project by Logo Made Easy.

About In The Grain
In The Grain Workshop is a fine furniture school providing woodworking classes where the initial rough work is done via machines
and the refinement of the pieces is completed with hand tools.

In The Grain Workshop strives for a practical approach to woodworking. We aim to instil time tested techniques passed down from master woodworkers. We will take advantage of modern methods, machines and materials to teach new skills to create fine furniture.

It is a practical approach to woodworking taking advantage of time tested methods with new techniques and materials. When bench space is not taken up by students, woodworkers can rent bench space in a well equipped shop. This includes well maintained power tools and maple slab benches complete with front and end vises.

Taking advantage of power tools we work a hybrid style of woodworking. It is a practical way of creating fine works in wood. Understanding that machines cannot always do the refined work we want to achieve, we treat them like shop apprentices and give them the grunt, rough work to bring our material close to what we need.
Our hand tools take over from there and we create tight joints, smooth surfaces and edges that beg the hand to touch. If we take our time, select the proper materials, plan our steps and approach the projects carefully and methodically, we will enjoy the journey and end up with works in wood that are a pleasure to look at and will last generations.

Our Role:
We helped In The Grain to design logo, business card and a responsive website.

  • Date: 04/08/2016
  • Categories: Logo Design
  • Client: In The Grain Wood Workshop Custom Logo Design