Nervana – Logo Design, Branding, Website & Identity

NERVANA graphic design portfolio, including Logo Design, Branding, Website Design & Development, and Identity.

About Nervana
NERVANA LLC, founded by two brothers, both physicians, Drs. Richard and Daniel Cartledge. NERVANA offers the only consumer product that synchronizes nerve stimulation with sound, allowing the user to experience qualities of music never felt before.

Nervana is changing the way you feel music! NERVANA is portable and compatible with all music players; it can be used virtually anywhere by anyone, regardless of the user’s knowledge of music or technology.

Our Role:
We first helped NERVANA to develop a full brand strategy, followed by logo design, responsive website design & development, corporate identity package, trade show booth design, online marketing campaigns on Facebook and other communication materials.

All communication materials were created to capture NERVANA’s brand essence and to deliver it in a consistent way throughout the entire customer experience with the brand.

All elements including visual and verbal messaging style were created by Logo Made Easy in collaboration with NERVANA’s marketing team.