OSV Advisors Custom Design Logo

OSV Advisors Custom Design Logo Project by Logo Made Easy.

About OSV Advisors
OSV Professional Corporation “OSV Advisors” is a chartered professional accounting and management consulting firm located in Toronto, focused on partnering with leaders in the capital intensive industries to achieve their Visions, identify areas of improvement, and deliver solutions that produce effective and efficient results.

OSV Advisors” is founded based on the belief that management advice is only relevant if tailored to the unique situation of an organization, adhering to its Vision, and considering its environment and industry in approaching its business strategy. At “OSV Advisors”, we are passionate about capital intensive industries, and specialize in serving a broad range of organizations including the engineering & construction, and power & utilities.

OSV Advisors” is founded and led by Omid Safavi, who has gathered many years of management consulting, financial management and information technology advisory experience in engineering & construction, and power & utilities, as a partner of a Big 4 company prior to establishing “OSV Advisors”

Our Role:
We helped OSV Advisors to design logo and a custom design responsive website.