Sunshine Cycles Logo

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Brand Promise
Our customers will experience the fun and freedom of riding top shelf electric assisted bikes for errands, outings and adventure. They will avoid traffic chaos and get to be part of a free energy economy and experience it in action. The experience will be great value for money and a real alternative to regular transport options. Our customers will be part of a savvy new movement of community led initiatives to protect our planet and build a truly sustainable wonderful culture into the future. Our customers will enjoy the freedom of riding around their communities on easy to ride cool ebikes.

Brand Personality
Come and experience the freedom of getting around on free energy. Fully sun powered electric bikes with no need of assistance from any big corporation. Independent and forward thinking for the new mobility. Our rides are truly sweet and once you throw your leg over you will see how easy it can be to get around your community in style without the complications of purchase, storage and maintenance. We are the smart fun new transport mode that puts you in complete control. Available 24/7 with mobile application for location,availability booking and curbside assistance.

Once your a member by signing up easily on the mobile app you simply enter your unique code to the solar powered pod in your vicinity. Enter the wonderfully fun space and select your favourite ride (and helmet if needed.)

Cruise your neighbourhood or explore new terrain in style and when your finished return to the nearest pod. Access again will be by your pin-code. Then return the e-cycle to a bay and plug in the charging lead. If you have any maintenance issues we are available by the mobile App to take care of this for the next rider. You will automatically be charged the very reasonable fee for your use. Then go about your business and enjoy your day until you need to get mobile again.

Brand Positioning
We will enable people to get around the last leg of their journeys. Around inner cities and travellers and visitors to have the freedom of mobility to explore new areas. We will bring a new audience to the experience of hassle free cycle transport. Not just for the lycra clad die hards or bmx bandits. From point A to B it is easily the choice of transport for ease of parking, cost effectiveness and enjoyment. It will be conscious cruising with the knowledge that every time you choose to ride a Sunshine Cycle, you are saving pollution using the latest in technology fully powered by the sun. You will be a part of the new transport revolution. From the ground up.

The system will be unsold to small investors who wish to run them around their
neighbourhoods. The work will be done by local technicians and builders. All impeded energy in production to waste disposal will be surveyed and offset.
It is truly the smartest way to get around. For young and old. Rich and poor.
The costing will be refreshing compared to car costs, parking fuel etc and public transport. Sunshine Cycles will make you smile. Every time.

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