Tomasz Borowicz — Award Winning Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer and Brand Developer

Hi, my name is Tomasz Borowicz, I’m an internationally awarded graphic designer living in Toronto, Canada. My company specializes in Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Print Design, Web Design & Development and more.

We have been in business as a full-service communication agency (Logo Made Easy studio) since 1999. Our clients range from individual business owners and small enterprises to large international corporations, not just in Canada but all over the world.

Please check out our client testimonials to get an idea of their experiences with Logo Made Easy.

Some of our more recent clients include: City Water International, Callture Telcan, Oye Mobile, Nervana LLC, Destiny Solutions, Delfin LNG, Magnus Mode and plenty more…

If you’re looking for a distinctive and lasting brand identity, let’s talk