Cannabis logo

This best cannabis logo design was created specifically with Indiva’s history in mind and was thoughtfully put together to reflect company positioning.

Indiva logo is a combination of three distinct elements; the round symbol, the INDIVA typographic signature and the phrase “Our Roots Run Deep”. The word INDIVA is a combination of two words, indica and sativa which are the two major types of cannabis plants. The roots graphic symbolizes experience, strength, know-how practical knowledge, as well as a strong foundation for investment and growth. It’s complimented by the slogan, ‘our roots run deep’, which pays homage to company’s past without retaining the clichés of cannabis counter-culture.

By combining clean aesthetics, simple colour palette with a thoughtful iconography, Indiva’s new brand strikes the perfect balance between mature yet accessible, contemporary but still classic enough to be lasting, and holistic without looking like it only belongs in a health food store. With this more mature and confident brand, Indiva is also better positioned as the leader of multiple sub-brands.

About Indiva

INDIVA promotes a healthy lifestyle and personal well-being through education, compassion and community. INDIVA also dispels the stigma surrounding medical and recreational cannabis while providing superior products, customer service, patient care, resources, and consistent strains.

INDIVA’s strain selection, cultivation and client care processes combine the know-how and experience of an internationally recognized and award winning grow-team with GMP-compliant quality assurance standard operating procedures. INDIVA is focused on providing medical-grade cannabis to medical and adult-use clients, both domestically and internationally.

INDIVA wants to become a part of the way people understand alternative treatment and well-being to a point where the relationship with the brand is indistinguishable from the way they want to feel physically and emotionally.

Indiva’s Beliefs

INDIVA believes clients deserve high quality, consistent and safe cannabis products delivered by knowledgeable, compassionate and easily accessible client care professionals.

INDIVA believes in eating well, exercising, having fun, being kind, doing good, and using cannabis responsibly to contribute to a healthy and happy life.

With cannabis prohibition ending in Canada, INDIVA believes it is time to explore and discover more about this wondrous plant.

INDIVA also believes in environmental sustainability. From the heat generated by the grow lights to the paper products used in the offices.INDIVA compost its plant waste products into fertilizer which is donated to local farmers. These and other environmental sustainability initiatives, including a tree planting program, are led byINDIVA’s very own Green Team – a group of our employees that have designated themselves as guardians of the environment.

INDIVA’s home is in London, Ontario. The company believes in being a good neighbour, contributing to the London community by purchasing from local businesses, working with local area charities, supporting local chapters of patient group societies and foundations and collaborating with local hospitals, doctors and other health professionals.


This unique cannabis logo manages to retain Indiva’s original narrative in a way that instills greater confidence. Indiva’s history and experience remain at the forefront and are presented with maturity and sophistication. If in 2015 Indiva was asking for a chance, in 2018 Indiva is positioned as an important player in the domestic and international cannabis markets. With a more mature and confident brand, Indiva is better positioned as the leader of multiple sub-brands. Indiva’s clean aesthetic and pallet strike the perfect balance between mature yet accessible, contemporary but still classic enough to be lasting, and holistic without looking like products that only belong in a health food store. Indiva’s website and media content features contributors focused not just on cannabis, but wellness (nutrition, fitness, sleep) and culture (dining, events). Indiva’s associations with award winning American brands that will produce and sell in Canada and internationally with our “powered by INDIVA” cannabis logo.

Indiva’s Brand Essence

INDIVA provides safe and sustainable methods for alleviating stress, pain, and anxiety. It is nature’s way of helping people deal with the harshness of life, and INDIVA carries through that philosophy to its products, public relations, and customer service.

INDIVA represents interconnection between an individual and and nature. It enhances connection with the earth because it makes you part of a cycle of nature. By ingesting a plant grown from the earth to heal pain or change your perspective, you are acting in accordance with the natural order of things instead of using the easy solution afforded by artificial synthesized chemicals.

INDIVA helps liberate people from the isolation, despair, and sensations of suffering. It provides products that can enhance one’s physical well-being and brings together a community network of supportive members. INDIVA liberates from stigma – the feeling that people judge you for using cannabis, recreationally or medically. It liberates kids from being afraid of admitting they smoke to their parents, and parents from feeling ashamed to smoke in front of their kids.